Friday, September 16, 2011

It's All in the Vintage Details - Buttons that is!

We love all things Victorian, but how do we take it to the next level?  What about adding Vintage Details to your gowns? 

Today, we are looking at adding vintage Buttons!  Great ones can be hard to find, but are oh so worth it!  We might not be able to find that perfect 1880's Bustle Gown, but we can certainly find the 1880's buttons for our modern day Victorian creations!  Think of a perfect button as jewelry for your gown!  Enjoy!

Pictured you will see five different Vintage Buttons:

A) Late 1800's "New Old Stock" (NOS) Czech Cut Glass in Black & Gold 1/2" 
B) Early 1900's Mother of Pearl w/a gold and seed pearl center 1"
C) Early 1900's Steel and pink colored glass center 1/2"
D) Late 1800's Guilloche "hand painted rose" cabs on MOP and Steel 3/4"
E) Early 1900's Steel Cut nail heads with MOP 1/2"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First 1880's Victorian Bustle Gown Ensemble

Yes, I decided I wanted to volunteer at a locat Victorian Festival, and as such, needed a period correct gown.  I looked around for weeks for a pattern, before settling on the Burda 7880 pattern at $17.00.  With this pattern you get the period correct bodice, walking skirt, apron/bustle combo, as well as the bustle pillow.  This pattern was a little more cost effective as compared to Truly Victorian patterns, where each piece would have been a seperate pattern and cost.  I will say that Burda is a Germany based company, and English is not this patterns first language, but if you can sew somewhat, you can figure this one out as well.  It's a great starter pattern.  The fabric is a textured cotton fabric in a lovely coral shade, complimented with a foral cotton in golds and corals.  The bodice is lined, but the apron/bustle and walking skirt are not just to keep the overall weight down.  All-total there is approx ten yards of fabric; 4yds in the walking skirt, 3yds in the apron/bustle, and 3yds in the bodice.  There are also three different types of trim, the gold fringe on the apron/bustle; sage gimp on the bodice, and coral gimp on the walking skirt.  The hat is a vintage straw from approx the 1930-40s. I used some of the same coral gimp to trim the hat out, added some roses and ribbons, and a couple of hat pins to anchor it, and you have the finished product!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Vintage Attire w/Dnalof

My first of many blog notes!  I find a strong creative satisfaction with designing vintage clothing.  As things progress, I will be posting up pictures and progress on dresses that I have had made or are in the process of having made.  From start to finish, from buttons to bow, from vintage hand-made lace from the late 1800's to modern day fabric and how I try to get "the look" for each gown ensemble.  I hope you check back often!