Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My First 1880's Victorian Bustle Gown Ensemble

Yes, I decided I wanted to volunteer at a locat Victorian Festival, and as such, needed a period correct gown.  I looked around for weeks for a pattern, before settling on the Burda 7880 pattern at $17.00.  With this pattern you get the period correct bodice, walking skirt, apron/bustle combo, as well as the bustle pillow.  This pattern was a little more cost effective as compared to Truly Victorian patterns, where each piece would have been a seperate pattern and cost.  I will say that Burda is a Germany based company, and English is not this patterns first language, but if you can sew somewhat, you can figure this one out as well.  It's a great starter pattern.  The fabric is a textured cotton fabric in a lovely coral shade, complimented with a foral cotton in golds and corals.  The bodice is lined, but the apron/bustle and walking skirt are not just to keep the overall weight down.  All-total there is approx ten yards of fabric; 4yds in the walking skirt, 3yds in the apron/bustle, and 3yds in the bodice.  There are also three different types of trim, the gold fringe on the apron/bustle; sage gimp on the bodice, and coral gimp on the walking skirt.  The hat is a vintage straw from approx the 1930-40s. I used some of the same coral gimp to trim the hat out, added some roses and ribbons, and a couple of hat pins to anchor it, and you have the finished product!

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