Friday, September 21, 2012

A Day at The Races - Anna Karenina Gowns

 A Day at the Races - These are two more dresses I have been able to locate from the 1997 version of Anna Karenina movie.  The detail work on these gowns is amazing!  You will see these dresses being worn at the Horse Racing Scene - Enjoy!


  1. Why does "waddle like a duck" come to my mind?
    But they deserve a Wow.

  2. What I found interesting is that the timeperiod was stated to be 1888, but these gowns look more like natural form. The scene in the movie is beautiful, and it's more like a very large train. They are simply stunning.

  3. I love all the costumes from Anna Karenina movies so far. I hope some day they will show the ones from the Vivian Leigh version.

  4. It is really hard to find specific movie costume photos. I would love to see in the future, for period movies, a file on the DVD showing stock photos of the costumes front, back, and side views. I really think the movie studios, as well as the designers, are missing an opportunity to showcase the amazing workmanship that goes into the creation of some of these wonderful outfits!

    1. They did alittle of that for the Duchess movie with the performers talking about their costumes. It was quite a treat.