Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day Trip to the LA Textile & Garment District

Looking North to Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Interior of most shops.

Yes, I am feeling the need to take a day and travel north to the Los Angeles Textile & Garment District to do some fabric and trim shopping.  I was out the other day at my local fabric store (name to remind unknown to protect the innocent) and basic muslin was $3.50py!  Then their "sale" pile went from $12py to $3py - and that is suppose to be a deal?  Really?  When I can head to LA and get 60" cotton at .99py or $57py yard silk remnant for $9py?  Now that is a deal!  If you are a seamstress, and have never been to 9th Street in LA, you truly must take a day and head up there.  The selections are astounding, just shop after shop of fabrics as far as your eye can see.  Everything you need from buttons to ribbons, to lace, to fabrics all in one location.  Bring cash if you can, and make sure to bargain for your best prices.  Also, make a list of exactly what you are looking for to help keep you focused, believe me, it will be very easy to get distracted with so much eye candy laying around!  I have bargained from $12py down to $4py, which was want I wanted.  It also helps with the price if you are purchasing in 10yd chunks or larger, which is pretty easy to do if you are buying fabric for a daygown or evening ballgown.  Oh, and if you have one of those bags with wheels that you can stuff all your purchases into?  Bring it!  Having been there enough times now, I have my favorite shops, as I am sure several of you reading this blog do, and they know me by name.  Same with my parking lot attendant and the little restaurant I like to frequent after shopping.  Now, I also like to make a quick run up to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Marketing), which is also on 9th St. and approximately ten minutes further north, to view their most recent exhibits.  Parking is $3-5 depending on which lot you use, but the museum is free!  Check the museum dates of operation and hours to make sure it is open on the day you are heading up, and make sure to leave enough time to visit.  One last idea, FIDM has a "Student Scholarship Store" where they sell their sample clothing as well as left over fabrics!  The fabrics are in the back by the dressing rooms, kind of hidden, so you have to look for it, but certainly worth it.  I picked up some China silk there my last trip for $1py!  So, once the
                                                                    weather cools down, plan your trip to the LA Textile Market.

9th St Textile Markets

Interior of one of the nicer shops.

FIDM Scholarship Store & around the corner is the Museum


  1. Trudy, I've never been to the shopping district or the museum and I'd love to tag along with you someday to take advantage of your expertise!

  2. Laurel - absolutely! I will check w/you in advance of the next trip! You will love it!

  3. Laurel is a virgin?! We need to take care of that!

  4. Yes, I have my favorite stores too! LA Alex is one of them, I don't think I've ever left there without something!

  5. Just waiting on the weather to co-operate! Still a little too warm. Will keep everyone posted.