Monday, September 17, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge

Bustle Ensemble ca. 1885

I have always enjoyed the bodice design on this one.  I like how the striped fabric was placed & cut to add visual interest, and how the beading up the front of the bodice plays off the fabric placement.  I might even have guess a later 1878 date for the year with the asymetrical apron front.  Not a color I could wear, but I still love the overall design.


  1. What a beauty Trudy! What museum is this dress in? I'm wondering if the bodice might actually be an exterior corset? Either way it's very different for it's time. I CAN wear that color! Wish I could own this...well, I'd have to duplicate it in my size of course....

  2. It's at the Metro Museum of Art:

    You can clearly see that the bodice is all one piece. There was also a link via my Pinterest page. I am always so frustrated that my blog page can not post pinterest and visa versa. It's even challenging just posting up to Facebook. I wish all these social media pages would just play nice to make it easier on us users!