Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Lady in Red

Wow!  What a knockout this Evening Gown must have been that first night she stepped out wearing it!  Drop-dead Red!  While the color is bold, the attention to detail is also of interest.  Note the scalloped hemline on the overskirt, as well as the pintucked silk chiffon overskirt over the underskirt - LOL!  There is a feminine ruffle at the neckline, and some additional chiffon decorating the sleeves.  What I also found of interest is the seam at the waist/hip on the skirt.  Fabrics were not as wide then as they are today, and this looks like a workaround due to the fabric constraint.  Enjoy!

1898 Evening Gown by Worth - Metropolitan Museum of Art


  1. I bet there is a piece missing, some kind of a small overskirt/peplum that would cover the yoke of different fabric. It's just like the 1880s foundation/underskirts that have the fashion fabric pieced around the lower half, since the upper would have been hidden by skirt drapery.

  2. CF - Interesting comment. Did you see one of the other comments about Worth probably would not have made a gown with a hip seam? Got me thinking that maybe it was a rework? I wish there were more photos. Oh, if only these gowns could talk!