Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - So Worth it!

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - So Worth it!

1900 Dinner Gown by Worth - Met Museum
This beautiful ensemble is located at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  A "Dinner" Gown designed and created by the House of Worth.  What makes this a ""Dinner" gown you might ask?  Well, while it does not have the traditionally lowered neckline, it does have a train!  So, while a lowered neckline, shorter sleeves, plus a train would indicate an Opera or Ball Gown, the lack of  said neckline and sleeves leaves one to draw the conclusion that is should be a "Dinner Gown"!  Click on the picture to open it up to a large size to truly appreciate the detailing. 

What drew me to this gown first was, of course, the color.  It is my favorite color - Coral.  This color is considered one of the most complimentary shades any woman can wear as it is flattering to all skin tones.  I also truly enjoyed the peplum on the bodice, plus the great looking cuffs, as well as the overall "tone on tone" embroidery.  Another great detail is the gold fabric used as contrast - brilliant! There appears to be extensive gold embroidery work as well.  Actual gold thread and beads were certainly used during this era.  Lastly, there is just a hint of a cream lace insert at the front bodice leading up to the collar.  So simple, so elegant, and yet a timeless design.  Enjoy!

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