Sunday, September 30, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Two better than One

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Two Better Than One

1900 Silk Brocade Gown w/Day and Evening Bodices
More is More..and when you have more fabric, consider making two bodices, just like they did back in the Victorian and Edwardian times!  This Pretty Dress of the Day has two bodices, the High Neck and long sleeved bodice for Day, and the low neck with full sleeves for Evening.  Also note on the Evening Bodice the Black Corselette - so feminine!  Figure four to five yards for the skirt (no train), another 2-3 yards for day bodice, and 2-3 yards for the evening bodice.  Eleven yards of 54" fabric should work.  Buying in bulk online, or at your local textile market, gives you some bargaining room.  Do not forget your lace, buttons, and detail work.  Enjoy. 

Details: Blue Silk Brocade Gown with Matching Beaded Day and Evening Bodices c. 1900 Blue silk decorated with pale blue abstract sprays, high neck bodice with beadwork and evening bodice with short puffed sleeves and attached Swiss waist.

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