Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day

I saved this Lovely Gown off of an Ebay Listing years ago, pre-pinterest, so unfortunately I do not have any details.  I am guessing the date of the gown to be early 1870's - do you agree?  Most might think that this gown is a "Wedding Gown" because of the color and it might be, but prior to 1840, a white wedding gown was not the trend.  While wearing a white gown for a wedding has been documented as early as 1406, it did not come into popular fashion until Queen Victoria's marriage to Albert of Saxe-Coburg.  In fact, the color white in the 1400's was a symbol of mourning for French Queens.  Brides of wealth and social standing were expected to wear a gown befitting their social standing, oftentimes donning gowns of bright colors trimmed with extensive lace and furs.  Another interesting fact, is that people assumed that the color white for a wedding gown symbolized "Purity" or "Virginity", but that was not the original intended case.  The color "Blue" was connected to purity, piety, faithfulness, and the Virgin Mary! 

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