Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Touch, The Feel, of Vintage Accoutrements

Unless you are the perfect size two, finding and wearing true vintage Victorian, Edwardian, or 1950's ensembles can be almost impossible.  I left my size two days behind when I was fourteen!  So, I search for vintage items that I can incorporate into my outfits to give it that extra "vintage" look and feel.

Late Victorian High Necked Lace & Beaded Collar

This is a lovely High Necked Lace Collar.  Late Victorian Era with silk moire ribbon, decorative black bead work, and hand-made lace.  I picked this up on Ebay from a seller in England.  It needed some basic reworking to make it wearable, and I think it turned out perfect! 

Some tips for finding vintage goodies on Ebay - start with a general search word grouping like "Hand made Lace" or "Vintage Lace" or "Black Bead", once it pulls everything, you can start narrowing down the results using the detail notes on the left hand side.  If you find an item, always going into "see other items" for that seller.  Chances are they  might have more of what you are looking for!  Lastly, to cut down on search time make sure to "save this search" and have email notifications sent when something lists up that matches your parameters.  Ebay can do the searching for you and will save you time!  Good luck!

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