Monday, September 10, 2012

Those "In Between" Projects

Before; showing MOP buttons and decorative inserts
 As I have been struggling through the Lutterloh project, I stopped to work on this project when I would get too frustrated, which was pretty often.  I purchased this vintage fan maybe five or six years ago from a museum deacessioned sale , telling myself I would get around to refurbishing it.  Well, I did, but not without some delay.  It is an amazing gold silk satin with hand painted flowers and vines, and then silk embroidery as well.  The outer edge had shredded and was hanging open, the same for the inner edges.  I opted to sew the edging closed then added on a couple of layers of vintage hand made Valencienne Lace, again something that I had purchased maybe four years ago.  Now, Valencienne Lace is a sort of "bobbin lace" from France.  I purchased this lace from a vintage lace vendor living in France.  It is cotton, and is approximately 1/2" wide.  I added two rows, one front, one back, in a "layered" look to help close the outer edge.  I then used some basic "dries clear" fabric glue to help stabilize the bottom edge.  I wanted to keep as much of this fan intact and original as possible.  The end result was satisfactory, and the fan is usable once again.   Overall length is 12"; staves are a medium colored wood; and there are mother of pearl accents on both end points as well as mop buttons closures at the bottom with a silk tassel. 

After: Valencienne Lace, layered, at outer edge

Close-up of silk embroidery and hand-painted leaves and vines

Mother of Pearl decorative end inserts and  new lace edging

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