Sunday, September 9, 2012

Victorian Tea Society Fashion Show

Some of the Models from this weekends Fashion Show, which covered 1870's to 1920's

One of the fun things that comes with being involved with an Historical and/or Re-enactor group is being asked to show support of an event via a Fashion Show or Costumed event.  This weekend I was asked to be one of the several participants involved in a Fashion Show hosted by the Victorian Tea Society, which is the fundraiser arm of the 1898 Kellogg House.  This was a public event to raise awareness within the community in regards to both VTS and the Heritage Museum, of which the Kellogg House is associated.    As a participant, I had a great time talking about VTS, the Heritage Museum, and the Kellogg House, plus answering questions about my ensembles after the fashion show.  This is the link to my photos: 

However, it is challenging to be in the show and also take photos - LOL!

1898 Kellogg House at The Heritage Museum

The VTS New Member table was busy!

This event served dual purposes in that it showcases the need to support Historical Buildings such as the Kellogg House and Maag House, and also to generate interest for New Members for the Victorian Tea Society.  Of the sixty-five attendees, VTS had thirteen new members sign up!  Quite the success!  VTS hosts three to four "Victorian High Tea" events per years as a means of supporting the Heritage Museum.

Finishing touches for one of our big Fundraising teas seating 110 attendees

The 1898 Maag House is till under renovations.

Oval Dining Room of the "Kellogg House"
Sharing a love of "All Things Victorian" and preserving our "Historic Homes and Landmarks" for future generations is a wonderful way to support your community.   Check your local cities for opportunities to volunteer and show your support of these amazing vintage locations.  Sharing knowledge with children and adults while dressed in period correct attire is always fun!  

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