Sunday, October 28, 2012

April 2012 - The Titanic 100th Anniversary - Part Three

Edwardian Hat with bird and feathers

April 2012 was the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic.  The re-release of the 1997 blockbuster movie "Titanic", staring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, found a whole new audience.  I know I watched it again just to see review the costumes. I remember reading on the website that when this film was being made they had purchased so many original vintage Edwardian gowns, that there was a scarcity of them for two or threes years afterwards.  It was further noted that most of those original gowns were destroyed in the filming -  Such a sad loss!   So, with the thought of "Jack!" and "Rose!" ringing in my head, this is my third and final installment on a few of the hats I created for the 2012 Titanic Anniversary events. 

Training Amherst feathers to bend properly
For this hat I started with a basic wide brimmed gold straw hat with a wired rim.  I needed a stiff hat as I knew it was going to be holding a lot of various decorations.  (Unfortunately, I did not snap a lot of photos as I was making it.)  Next, I cut the crown off as it was the wrong shape.  I selected a very tall and flat crowned ivory straw toque hat and hand sewed it to the body of the original hat.  I knew I was going to incorporate a bird into this hat, and I needed height to give the bird body some angle.  Once the hat shaping was finished, it was time to move onto decorations.  I had some wonderful vintage Swiss dot netting that I gathered and tacked onto the underside of the brim.  In my research, many of the Edwardian era hats had a "black" underside, so I decided to incorporate that idea into my design for this hat. (note: I had found an incredible embroidered  black silk Edwardian belt from a lady in England and that was another reason I went with the black netting to further pull in this color)  I then selected a sheer ivory striped chiffon to add some softness and fullness to the top of the hat, and to give the decorations a base of sorts to sit on.  I had found a supplier in LA that had 45" Lady Amherst feathers, and I was happy to purchase three of these for this hat.  I also used four or five ivory colored ostrich feathers, all hand curled, around the crown of the hat.  The bird body is plastic and was the most difficult piece to attach to the hat base.  I added in several silk and velvet flowers in gold and ivory, and finished off with light wisps of ivory and black horsehair.

          With some friends at an Edwardian Tea
This hat was indeed the most challenging, and also my most favorite.  It is heavier than my other hats, and the Edwardian hairstyles certainly help keep it in place and give my many hatpins the much needed anchor to keep it on my head.  The lady to the left is wearing a vintage Edwardian gown and a hat that she created, the lady to the right made both her gown and her hat.  My ensemble is also vintage, as is the parasol.  I sincerely hope you have enjoyed all three pieces of these installments titled, "April 2012 - The Titanic 100th Anniversary".  

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