Sunday, October 21, 2012

Edwardian Day Ensemble - Part Deux

In a prior post titled "Edwardian Day Ensemble", I started on this project and reviewed a couple of patterns.  This is a continuation of that post.  The following link is to my original post:

The sleeves on the 1903 Blousewaist were originally full length, wider at the tops and bottoms, then narrower thru the body. So it was not a simple "just shorten" them solution.  I had a miscalculation on the sleeves and ended up opting to cut them to 3/4 length, then adding a vintage lace ruffle.   The lace I decided to use was in my stash.  It is old, and I am not even sure what variety of lace or fabric content it is.  So, if anyone knows, please leave a post!  I thought the lace was a perfect match color-wise.  It is a very soft, silky lace with a re-embroidered taupe thread that pulls in the colors from the vintage appliques on the bodice. 

3/4 length sleeve High Necked Blousewaist with Lace Guimpe

This is a close-up of both the laces.  The cream and taupe lace is on the bodice sleeve.  The lighter color is  a vintage lace Guimpe.  The lace is vintage, not the guimpe - lol.  I had actually purchased a huge lace curtain from a lady in Paris.  She was remodeling her Bed and Breakfast.  It was 17ft wide and 9ft long.  She said she bought it from an estate in the early 1970's,  and she was not sure where it came from prior to that.  I have a lot of it left, and am just waiting for the perfect design inspiration.

After completing the original bodice with the above mentioned modifications, I had a couple of yards left of the tea-stained embroidered cotton and decided I would make a vest.  I reconfigured the bodice pattern with a squared neckline and made it sleeveless.   It is trimmed it out with a 1/4" black seam binding tape for a neutral contrast. 

 Shown here with the lace Guimpe worn underneath, vintage black lace collar (see prior post), a black glass belt, and a vintage iridescent black glass sautoir.  I have talked a couple of time before about how accessorizing can create different looks, so I am presenting a couple of accessories photos.  Sometimes it's as easy as adding a lace collar and a contrasting belt to make an entirely new look. Much easier than making an entire new outfit!
Short Chantilly Lace Collar
Large Black Lace Collar

Silk Lace Shawl


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