Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day - 162 yrs old

Today's "Pretty Dress of the Day" is an amazing 1850's Ballgown from the Koyoto Institute.  Out here in Cali, the Social Daunce Irregulars Ball is next Month, and what better way to inspire than to present such a lovely gown as this!  What makes this gown very unique is the fact that it is a "Printed" fabric from 1850's. 
The Kyoto Costume Institute,
Material: Crème silk and wool mixed gauze with floral print; triple-flounced skirt.

This dress might be termed a typical example of the delicate, alluring and womanly style of the 1850s. The décolleté is kept wide, and short sleeves cover the slender shoulders. To accentuate the small waistline, the seam edges at the waist narrow downwards as well as the skirt gracefully widens its shape. The triple-flounced design creates a decorative effect and further emphasizes the slightly rounded contour. Blended fabric of silk and wool in fact is hard to print on. The bright colors of this dress give prove of the rapid progress in cloth printing techniques that had been achieved.

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