Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Autumn Splendor

1865-ish Ball Gown

Well, the leaves are turning and I thought this Rust Silk Ballgown the perfect gown to post up today.  It's on my "To Do" list.  Unfortunately, it is a "pre-pinterest", so I do not have any dated information to share.  If any of you know of it's link, please leave it in a comment! 

For this gown, I love the color, the V-necked Bodice with the double puff sleeves, the traditional deep-v on the bodice at the waist, the pleated skirt that tucks up under the bodice perfectly, and the textured fabric.  The skirt has two rows of ruffles, which echos back to the double puff sleeves.  Lastly, the silhouette at the waist, from the drape of the skirt, is simply perfect!  I imagine many, many petticoats are needed to get that look!  Enjoy!

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