Friday, October 26, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Edwardian Elegance

The "Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge" started as a means of off-setting all the negative material that is constantly posted on and around the Internet.  With all the emphasis on negativity, why not post up something that makes people smile or inspires them?  I did not create the concept, I am only helping to spread the joy by doing my small part to post up a photo or two of some lovely historic gowns.  I hope you enjoy them.

This Edwardian gown is from my pre-pinterest folder, so unfortunately I do not have the the particular details on it or it's location.  If anyone does, please add a note in the comment section!  I love the color, but I am not even sure what to call it - Rose?  Pinkish Mauve?  Either way, it is really just lovely.  Notice how the front hem is raised two to three inches and then falls into a train?  It is not a straight across hemline.  This helps the wearer from stepping on the front hem and tripping.  Note also all the embroidery and detail work on the skirt.  The bodice looks to have a "set in" faux-guimpe, as well as removable sleeves, thereby making the gown wearable for an evening event.

Now, add in a matching jacket, and you have an ensemble that can take you from "day to night" with just a couple of quick adjustments!  Although in that era, they probably would not have worn this gown as such.  If you wanted to really be creative, you could make the jacket "reversible" and give yourself more style options, maybe something with a cream lace?   The possibilities are endless!

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