Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pretty Dresses of the Day - Edwardian Fashions

Pink 1906 and Ivory 1903 Edwardian Gowns
Another photos from the Shippenburg University of Fashion Collection.  Small collection, but wonderful quality.  The Pink gown, with it's lace insertion and embroidery, looks to have a high-necked guimpe worn underneath, which when removed, the gown could also be worn for evening wear.  The Ivory Gown is simply perfection.  The contrasted insert in the front panel of the skirt, the lace insertion, the rows of ruffles at the hem, the pin-tuck on the sleeves, the deep lace ruffled cuff on the sleeve, just everywhere you look, there is some element of beauty to view.  Consider ways you could incorporate some of these features into your next Edwardian creation!  Enjoy!

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