Saturday, October 27, 2012

Those In-between Projects - It Started With A Circle

I had a late-Victorian Cape that was in need of rescue.  It is a "Circle" cape in a Black Benegaline silk with an incredible color-change electric blue silk for the interior lining, and is trimmed with faceted black glass beadwork.  The stand-up collar has an amazing triple edged box pleat of a design that I have never seen before.  There was some shattering of the fabric on the collar, the shoulder area on both sides, as well as along the hemline.

 I started with the collar.  I had originally thought to use a piece of black silk.  As a seamstress, we like to collect fabrics of all sorts.  I had purchased a piece of a vintage black silk kimono, which was suppose to have been early 1900's.  I thought it would be cool to use a vintage fabric with a vintage cape.  However, even with a stiff interfacing, the silk was just to flimsy.  So, I switched gears and went with a medium weight black cotton sateen.   The photo to the left shows some of the electric blue silk lining, and the ruined interior edge of the  collar.
 I had two matching vintage passemateire pieces that I thought would be great on the shoulders to help cover the wear spots.  I hand stitched them into place, and they matched perfectly to the existing trim!  I also decided to incorporate a fur trim down the front edges and along the hemline.  While this trim was not vintage, it blended very well with the overall look of the piece.  Lastly, I ironed out the lovely silk velvet bow.  I have to say, this velvet is amazing, it almost feels like suede it is so soft!  I re-attached the vintage hook and eye, gave it a quick, light press, and it was all done!  Enjoy! 

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