Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To Jabot or Not to Jabot - That is The Question.

The Word "Jabot" is a tricky thing, both in pronunciation (Sjaw-bow) as well as when it should be worn.  French in origin, this article of neckwear has been well documented as early as the 18th century.  Wikipedia denotes the word derives from "a Bird's crop" or croup or craw.  However, in regards to people, it refers to the lacy frills or ruffles decorating the front of a man or woman's shirt.  Over time it has evolved into a decorative accessory consisting of lace or other such fabric.  The Jabot is one of the few truly vintage pieces of clothing to have stood the test of time, in that Jabots are still worn today, and have actually had a resurgence in popularity of late. 

You may have read my prior posting "The Touch, The Feel, of Vintage Accoutrement's" wherein I suggest incorporating vintage pieces into your ensembles?  Well, today I am expounding on that very concept.  Vintage Jabots are readily available on Ebay and Etsy in a broad range of prices.  Most of the vintage Jabots I am sharing today I purchased from England.  I hope you enjoy them.

This Jabot is Hand-Crocheted, and has an attached High Necked Collar.  It can be worn over a high collared blouse, or even a lower necked Mandarin collar.  While this piece has a great Victorian look, it is actually from the 1940's or 1950's.  What I loved about this Jabot are the buttons!

Cotter Pins hold the Shank Style Button onto the Jabot.  This is a very old method of securing buttons.  In fact, when I was at LACMA last year, they were using cotter pins on some of their historic garments in the "Fashioning Fashion" exhibit.  These cotter pins are approx 1/4", and overall length is 13".

This Jabot would simply be pinned to your collar, High or Low, from the back side or you could use a Jabot Pin to add a bit of sparkle.  A Jabot Pin is a small, two ended pin usually 3-4" or less.  Oftentimes confused as a small "hat pin".  This is a vintage hand-made lace Jabot from approximately the 1920's.  I think I purchased this one in the US, and it is 6x6 in measurement.

So pretty, so frilly, I love this one.  Linen with hand-made Irish Lace.  Two layers.  The top is rolled back and pinned to the collar.  It also has a loop at the top thru which a ribbon could also be run through to tie around the neck, underneath the collar so the ribbon would not show.  I picked this up from England.  It is 10" Long.  The lace is fragile and needs some easy repair, as you can see in the second photo, but it is just lovely.  The Lady said it was Late Victorian, and I might go with that, certainly no earlier than the Edwardian Era.

Linen and Lace Insertion Jabot, From England, Late Victorian via Ebay.  Yes, high necked collar with Jabot attached.  What sold this one for me was the boning in the collar!

Hand-made loops with attached boning, there are four throughout the collar, plus four Hook and Eye closures.  This Jabot is Asymmetrical, in that the drape lays to one direction, which almost makes me think late 1880-ish when the Asymmetrical Apron & Bustle were popular.  10" in Length.

Lastly, a Fillet Lace in cotton with attached high necked collar.  Purchased via Ebay in the US, also 1940's or 1950's.  Double Layered with a beautiful drape when worn.  Overall Length is 12".

I have worn these Jabots with Victorian, Edwardian, and Modern attire.  They are so feminine and add just that little some "extra" to the ensemble.  I hope you found this post informative and interesting.  Should you have any questions, feel free to post them up! 

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