Sunday, November 11, 2012

2012 Bustle Gown Sewing Project

This project was approximately sixteen days in the making.  I am going to be breaking everything down in segments over the next few days and/or weeks.  We will be looking at pattern reviews, dyeing techniques, recycle & reuse on special fabrics, sewing tips, and finishing touches.  For now, I will say I am glad it is finished, and I can move onto my next project.  Some pieces were quick and easy, some were time consuming and tedious at best.   There are three pieces total, the fitted bodice, the apron/bustle combo, and the foundation skirt.  Primary colors are "raisin" and "plum", with black accents.  More to follow!


  1. Looks amazing! I have a pattern for something similar that I want to give a go. but I might do a dress first, not sure which would be easier.

    1. Ms Laura, Thank You for your comments! I will be sharing more notes in some upcoming posts. This ensemble entailed three seperate pieces, so a dress might be an easier project to attempt as it is a single unit. Take care.