Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Burda 7880 Pattern Review - Foundation skirt

I had six yards of this lovely cotton/poly blend fabric in the stash.  I knew it was going to be a Bustle Gown.  I also knew I did not have enough for all three pieces ie: Bodice, apron/bustle combo, and foundation skirt.  So, I opted to go with the foundation skirt (4 1/2 yds) and the bodice ( 1 1/2yrds).  The thread I selected was called "Raisin", so that is the color I am calling this fabric.  There is a lovely sheen to the fabric, plus there is almost a color change at times.  There is a very fine texture to it as well, which you will see in some closeups for my future postings. 
 I selected the Burda 7880 pattern for this Bustle ensemble for the reasons I listed in my first pattern review post.  In general, this skirt came together very easy.  Only Three pieces plus a waistband.  Some basic knife pleating in the back, fit it to the waistband, hem, add H&E, and you are done.  The pattern does call for the addition of six plastic rings to the back of the skirt as anchors for the separate apron/bustle combo, but I left those off.  Total time from cut to finish was approximately four hours.  I will certainly use this pattern again for some future foundation skirts.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough fabric left over for a ruffle or trim this time around, but something to plan for in the future absolutely!

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