Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Ballgown

1880 Ballgown
The Social Daunce Irregulars Ball is later this month, and what better to share than a Fall inspired Ballgown!  This is an 1880's Ballgown that was sold at auction by Whitaker Auctions.  There was no additional information, so we will have to use our imagination.  I am thinking a Pumpkin colored silk satin with a persimmon colored silk sash at the waist.  I might also guess a Pumpkin colored chiffon with all the ribbon detail work for the overskirt (there is a little glimpse of sheer on the bottom of skirt).  Then, to top it all off, some additional detailed ribbon work on the bodice.  Add in some matching feathers for your hair and you are ready of a magical evening of dancing!


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