Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Cranberry Stripes

When I look at this gown, it just makes me happy!  I think it is the color combo - Cranberry silk with a matching Ivory and Cranberry Stripe with variegated sizing.  Do you not just love it!  I think it would be the perfect ensemble for a Christmas Tea! 

1890 Day Gown

The placement of solid Cranberry fabric juxtaposed against the striped fabric adds a lot of "wow factor" to the overall effect.  The huge puff sleeves are certainly a strong focal point, and are balanced by the matching color of the high neck collar, belt, and waist corsage.  The lower sleeves are cut on the diagonal for a chevron effect that is simply beautiful, and did you notice the bodice insert and belt are cut on the horizontal?  Now you get to factor in the variegated stripe sizing.  Study the gown and see where the designer used the different sized stripes to add balance and visual interest.  Next time you are laying out your fabric and setting the pattern pieces prior to cutting, think about making a small change to the layout here and there, if you have the extra fabric, to add a new design element.  Start small, see if you like it!  Enjoy!


  1. thanks for all these inspiring dresses! It is amazing dresses like this that remind me why I need to learn to sew! I need gowns like this in my life!

    1. Yes, you do! The Truly Victorian Edwardian patterns are very easy to work with!