Friday, November 2, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Skate Away

Winter brings to mind cold starry nights, snow covered fields, and hot chocolate.  Well, maybe not so much the snow here in So Cal, but you get the idea.

For our "Pretty Dress of the Day" here is an 1880 Winter Wonderland Skating Gown that will warm your heart.  This four piece set is incredible and just look at all that embroidery! The elbow-length matching Cape and Muff are the perfect finishing touches for this Skating Ensemble! 

Description: 1880 Gray wool flannel with mutton fur trim, unusual woven geometric embroidery in tan, gray, blue & black silk cord and metallic thread, touches of gray mutton fur: bustle skirt, long jacket, short capelet, muff, 3 pieces lined w/ black silk twill w/ pink satin stripe, Skirt Waist 22".  Sold at auction by Augusta Auctions

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