Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - A Stitch in Time

1885 Philadelphia Museum of Art - Day Gown Ensemble
Is this not a wonderfully charming Day Gown?  There was not a lot of information available, so if I was going to guess, I might think Winter White Wool for the fabric.  However, what really caught my eye was the embroidery on the bodice and apron.  Most sewing machines today come with some, if not several, decorative stitches.  How easy would it be to incorporate some machine embroidery into your next gown creation?  If you did not want to embroider directly, think about utilizing "strips" of fabric and embroidering them, then sewing them into the gown.  Look at the apron sides and hemline, that looks exactly like what is going on here!  Most machines now allow you to scan an embroidery pattern into your sewing machine or simply download it for processing.  Finding something elegant along these lines would be pretty easy to set up.  Then take a co-ordinated ribbon, and stitch it onto the foundation skirt to form a pleated trimming to give your ensemble that finished look!  Easy and simple design details for your consideration!  Enjoy!

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  1. I've thought the same thing, that my couple of fancy stitches on my sewing machine could do some pretty stuff. But my idea was on a smaller scale of doing it on an Edwardian blouse. The skies the limit.