Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Sunset Gold

I was driving home today, and the sunset was so breathtaking!  A bright yellow gold, not just yellow, but blindingly bright golden color  surrounded with feathery clouds of greys, blacks, and dark purples.  It was Nature at it's finest! This dress was the closest I could find to what I was seeing this evening.  I love to look at the colors that Nature throws together and try to use them for inspiration.  I like the idea of a lemon yellow with a plum, a grey, or even a black contrast such as this vintage gown.  Enjoy! 


2-piece dress & hat: yellow figured silk bodice, cream lace yoke & high neck, black lace applied bands, white chiffon w/ black velvet ribbon shoulder scarf, yellow silk faille skirt w/ black velvet ribbon trim, black straw hat w/ cloth flowers & silk ribbons 


  1. I generally steer away from yellow and green, which make my complexion sickly, but I would have to make an exception for this gown!

  2. LM: It is a beautiful gown! The trick w/wearing colors that are not our best is to get a complimentary color up near our face! So, try a yellow fabric for the body of the gown with a contrasting Rosy Pink fabric for the collar and or bodice yoke up nearest your face. The ambient light will bounce off the more complimentary fabric and reflect onto your skin tones in a more pleasing manner! By keeping this concept in mind, hopefully it will open up more color combination options for your consideration. Enjoy!