Monday, November 12, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day - Some like it Smocked

I found this gown For Sale on a Vintage Resale website.  I saved the photos, but unfortunately, I can not get them in a larger format.  So, I apologize up front on that issue, but the gown is just so exceptional, I hope you do not mind the petite pictures!  I was searching around the Internet and came across this gown.  At first glance it seemed a little simple, but I like simple sometimes.  What made me look a little longer was the collar and the bodice yoke, it is all intricate smocking!  Then I started looking a little closer.  The cuffs, from elbow to wrist, are smocked, as is the yoke on the skirt!  Amazing!  Smocking drives me crazy, so to see it taken to this level of expertise had me in awe!  It is a natural fabric, either cotton or silk, if I recall correctly, and everything just looks wonderful!  Enjoy!

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