Friday, December 14, 2012

1950 Crinoline Project

I realized I did not post up a pic of my 1950 Crinoline project.  It was super easy and fast as I really needed to only gather the top fabric and attach a set-in waistband.  This crinoline was the one I selvaged from the vintage wedding gown I made my Raisin and Plum Bustle gown from!  The overall length of the crinoline is 27" long, which goes perfectly under my 1950s day dress (see my prior post: A Blast to the Past  When I was looking at this crinoline I noticed it actually had five panels that were gored - good heavens!  Who does this?  Have you ever worked with stiff crino?  It's a combat sport!  I was lucky to get away with mild abrasions on my prior crinoline attempt!  So, when I saw the paneling, I knew I was going to save it.  Someone had worked really hard putting this vintage beauty together, and it should be saved. 
What I also loved was the ribbon trim on the bottom hem.  So pretty and feminine.  So, it was the work of a moment to pull it all together!  Enjoy!

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