Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Pretty Dress of the Day Challenge - Let's All Promenade!

This 1889 Promenade Ensemble is just beautiful.  The contrast between the fabric color and the trim simply draws your eye and holds it.  The sheer amount of detail work at the bodice is breath-taking!  The elegant curve of the bodice at the waist, flows perfectly to the hip, and then drops to the hem to again draw your eye to the decorative trimming that abounds thereby.  This trim work is known as "Soutache" =

1889 J. Redfern Promenade Ensemble

A soutache is narrow flat decorative braid used in the trimming of drapery or clothing. In clothing soutache is used to conceal a seam.  In military uniforms a particular width or color of soutache is used to indicate rank, particularly in a hat. In athletic uniforms a contrasting soutache is used to outline numbers or players' names.  Soutache is often woven of metallic bullion thread, silk, or a blend of silk and wool. In the 20th century soutache began to be woven of rayon and other synthetic fibers.  (Thank you Wikipedia)

This soutache is also beaded at certain locations for a little extra sparkle.  I would love to know how this bodice closes in the front.  It is hard to see in these photos.  I was almost thinking a side closure with lacing - can you see it?  How do you think it is closed? 

1889 J. Redfern Promenade Ensemble w/matching bonnet


  1. I think the buttons on the side are embellishment,and there's probably a closure on the back.It's hard to button up the side of a long sleeve dress that's so close fitting.

  2. Gorgeous! I must have it!

    And thanks for all the interesting facts!