Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Something Old, Yet Something New To See

I mentioned in one of my prior posts about how so many amazing garments are still located in personal, or "Private" collections, of which most of us probably own several vintage items ourselves.  This gown is in a private collection owned by Ms Helen Larson.  Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing has been desirous of purchasing this collection for their museum for some time.  To support that effort, FIDM occasional has fundraiser teas and other events.  This photo, and attached link below, is from their most recent presentation.  Just wanted to share.  Enjoy!

1816-1817 Regency Gown owned by Princess Charlotte of Wales
"19th century gown worn by Princess Charlotte of Wales. The dress is printed with symbolic imagery: roses (for England), shamrocks (Ireland), thistle (Scotland), myrtle and acorns (marital flora), as well as multiple ‘Star of the Order of the Garter’ badges—all suitable for Princess Charlotte, heiress to the British throne, and newly married in 1816. Kevin methodically traced the ownership of the dress to members of Princess Charlotte’s household, making it one of only a handful of garments with provenance attributed to this popular princess." - excerpt from FIDM Monarchy Tea  http://blog.fidmmuseum.org/museum/2012/12/event-recap-monarchy-lecture-royaltea.html

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