Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fabric Referrals and Such

It’s days before your next costume event, things are not coming together on your sewing table, it’s time to rethink your project or maybe even start over.  How many of us have been there?  I know I have, and just recently with last month’s Titanic Tea event.   I am going to share the following information for the benefit of the OCCG members and others. 

Hidden fabric locations with the lowest prices (better than the LA fashion district):

1)      Jenny’s Fabrics
8984 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

M-F     10-8pm
Sat       10-6pm
Sun      12-5pm

Notes:  4.9 star review; 17,000 square feet of fabric shopping, mostly cottons at $2.98py, but they carry everything from cotton to silk at prices as good or better than what you can bargain for in LA.  Look for the “flats” of fabric and be prepared to do some digging.  The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful.  Sometimes I have stopped off here on my way to LA and found exactly what I needed, and saved myself the time and traffic.  Jenny’s is located right off the 405 at the Magnolia exit in Fountain Valley.

2)       M & L Fabrics
3430 W Ball Rd
Anaheim, CA 92804
714) 995-3178
*mention you are an OCCG Member to save an extra 10%!!!

M-F     9-7pm
Sat       10-6pm
Sun      12-5pm

Notes:  4.7 star review, 23,000 square feet of fabric shopping, the BIG sister of Jenny’s Fabric!  Same owners!  Same great saving, but an even BIGGER selection of fabrics and all things sewing related.  Look for the “flats” of fabric starting at $2.98py and remember to check out the room at the back of the store for more great deals.  The carry a full selection from basic cottons, voile, lawn, batiste, to quilting cottons, all the way up to silk bridal satin and everything in between.  They have two major sales per years at 50-75% off their prices.

3)      Dorrell Fabric Outlet
10870 Spencer Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

M-Sat  10-6
Sun      11-5

Notes:  4.5 star review; fabrics start at $5py and up, lots of upholstery fabrics.  Located right off the 405 freeway at Euclid/Ellis in Fountain Valley.

4)      Fabric Outlet and Crafts
10450 Beach Blvd
Stanton, CA 90680

M-Sat  10-7pm
Sun      12-6pm

Notes:  Looks just like a shop in downtown LA with bolts and rolls of fabric everywhere!  Fabric prices are okay, as is the selection.  Be prepared to do a little digging around for things.  Fabrics, trims, laces, etc are all here.  The shop help is not very knowledgeable, so you are pretty much on your own primarily due to a language barrier.  Sometimes I have gone in and had a good experience, sometimes I could not understand a word being said and had to use a translator.  Right down the street from the Stanton Indoor Swapmeet. 

5)      Golden West College  Swapmeet (GWC)
15744 Goldenwest St
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Sat       8-3
Sun      8-3

Notes:  Sunday is your better Fabric selection day!  This is my new favorite place to buy fabrics!!  Saturday has some, but not nearly as many.  Fabric runs from $1py to $5py, and they WILL bargain!  Although, when someone is offering me fabric at $2py, I pretty much just hand them my money!  Rolls and rolls of fabrics, mostly stretchy, but some cotton, linen, and wool blends thrown in there, poly color change taffeta at $3py.  1000 yrd cotton cones at $1.25 each.  Edgings and trims starting at .05 per yard.  These prices are SO MUCH better than LA, and it can save you the drive time and traffic trouble.  The trade off is selection and service.  Service is basically measure and cutting, they really can not tell you much about the fabrics they sell, and there is often a language barrier.  I asked once about doing a burn test, and they had no idea what I was talking about, but for $1.50py I just grabbed it.  If you are comfortable with your own judgment on fabrics, you will do well here.  Beginner fabric shoppers, this might not be your best place to start unless you have someone along with you that can assist.  Also, if you see a fabric you like, you should bargain and buy it, at these prices fabric moves very fast, and it probably will not be there when you come back.  That has happened to me on more than one occasion.  Buyers come thru here and buy 30-50yrds of a fabric at a time. 

So, now you have your beautiful new fabrics and notions for your next project already to go, and you sit down to sew and your machine is not doing its job!  What to do?  Well, you can take it to your local Sewing Machine shop that will charge you $100 just to tell you what is wrong with it, and then another $50 or so to actually fix it, or you can call someone to come to you!

Ron Castellanos
Industrial Sewing Machine Tech

Works on: Brother-Consew-Juki
Union Special – Yamato
*also offers Scissor Sharpening

*He will drive from Riverside County to Orange County

I found Ron on Craigslist several months ago, and he has been a life saver, not to mention the money he saved me.  He came to my home and did a full machine tune-up for $70!!!   Very nice and respectful man, very knowledgeable and gave me some tips and tricks on how to better protect my sewing machine as well.  As you can imagine, he is very busy, so call him and make an appointment, but be prepared to wait a day or two until he can actually get to you, but his service and savings are certainly worth the wait!


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